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  • The black rubber duck- with Model 
Items sold separately
  • The black rubber duck
  • The black rubber duck in its gift box

Rock Star Baby Pirate Rubber Ducky



Good guys also wear black! The black rubber duck with a white print is the perfect gift for all those with a little rebel attitude. Not only reserved for the bath tub!

Tico Torres, a respected artist, has been a member of the Bon Jovi band from the start. He is not only a rockstar, byt Tico Torres is also well known as a painter, He is not only known as a drummer, but is also known in the art world as a painter and sculptor. His profession has taken him all over the world.As a famous rockstar he has been asked to participate in many different events and shows. Here Tico noticed that there are many trendy parents, but all the kids are dressed the same. Nothing new. . . . Tico had the idea that something was missing ..... It is time for something completely different; something special!

Much later, when the members of the band became parents, many discussions arises about this subject. The usual soft pink and baby blue...... it is just not for everyone........ not much later rockstar baby was born.




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